About Energy Transition NW

Renewable energy is a topic that is widely discussed these days. We all know how fossil fuels hurt the environment and are not renewable. But what are the advantages of using green energy?

Well, one of the big ones is the benefits to the environment. Renewable energy is a clean source of energy that does not have a huge environmental impact that other more conventional energy types do. As their name implies, they are renewable and will not run out. This means that this type of energy will be available for many, many generations. Other energy sources are finite and will eventually be depleted.

Another benefit is the economy and jobs. Instead of spending money on energy imports that are costly, most investments in renewable energy are spent on the materials needed and the workers that are hired to build and maintain the facilities. These funds are spent within the United States, often in the same towns where the energy is used. This keeps the dollars spent on energy local and creates jobs for the local economy instead of support for overseas companies.

Renewable energy also decreases our dependence on foreign oil supplies. This alone is a great reason to work towards a greener source of energy.

We created this page as a way to explore the different types of green energy available and how they benefit us. We hope you will follow our site as we regularly update the information.