A Look at Geothermal Energy

There is so much technology around us everywhere these days to do lots of things. One of the things we can do with technology is tap the energy from the earth. When we use geothermal as a green energy source, that is precisely what we do.

Geothermal energy is produced by getting the heat the earth produces itself. This is from radioactive decay and from the magma in the earth. Building what is needed to collect geothermal energy can be expensive, but it is renewable since the earth’s crust decays continuously, creating heat.

When it comes to geothermal energy plants, there are three types. They are binary, flash, and dry steam.

Binary plants use hot water flowing through a heat exchange. The organic fluid boils and makes the turbine spin a generator.

The flash plants pump two-hundred degree Celsius water from the ground then, as it comes boiling to the surface, the steam is separated from the water and the steam then goes through a turbine and generates electricity.

Last of all, the dry steam plants use steam that rises from the fractures in the earth and use is as a way to directly drive the turbine.

After the power is generated, the remaining geothermal fluid and steam is put back into the hot earth rocks to gather heat again.

When making a comparison between the amount of energy you can collect from solar or geothermal, solar comes out on top. Geothermal can be used even when the sun isn’t shining, though, making it a great source for electricity.

Just like other renewable energy sources like biofuel, hydropower, and wind, geothermal is considered a green source of energy. If we used it to its potential, we could lessen our dependency on oil from other countries. We can also better protect our environment from the nuclear power plants and the coal that can produce gases that are harmful or radioactive waste that effects the people nearby.

We should all do our share to protect the environment for future generations by promoting geothermal energy and the other forms of green energy available to us.