Biomass Energy

Biomass is a source of green energy and is one of the three main types of bioenergy.  Bioenergy is when waste or other organic materials are used to generate electricity, create heat, and help with producing biofuels.

In biomass energy, hot water or air is used to make electricity. It is done through direct combustion and is the easiest and most well known method to generate energy from biomass. Not only does biomass generate electricity, but it can be used to keep a place warm through hot air production. To do this, it has to be produced in a furnace where it heats up air or water. This system can be used for a heating system on a small scale.

Biomass actually produces more electricity than solar because the organic materials already have the energy captured and stored. Also, biomass is available regardless of the weather.

There is a downside to biomass, though, because you must burn organic materials to produce the power, adding pollution to the atmosphere. You can offset this by planting more crops or other plants that help to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Another downside is the cost of setting up the biomass system. The initial costs for labor and transporting the biomass energy is great, then you have to also consider how it will be stored.

Biomass energy is considered a green energy source since it is a natural resource that is renewable. This means that there is a supply that is endless to us, just like using solar power or wind that comes off the ocean. The biggest challenge is to find land that is suitable that has a water supply that is sufficient to grow the organic matter. With this in mind, you cannot count on biomass technology to generate enough power. If this is the case where you live, you will need to look for other ways to use green energy.

As you can see, biomass energy is a great way to generate power without harming our environment. And we have the green energy sources and the technology readily available. We just need to be willing to work on making biomass energy happen in our area.