Harvesting the Wind

Energy issues has been a subject of discussion in the news for many years. Because of this, getting energy from the wind has been growing in popularity. Wind farms are the main places where the wind is harvested. In this article, we will cover wind farms and their potential for energy production.

A wind farm is basically just a bunch of wind turbines all together in one place that are used for electricity production. There are many wind farms in the United States, but far more in Europe. As their energy needs grow, China is starting to invest more towards building wind farms as well.

The concept behind using wind farms to produce electricity is pretty basic. The wind turbines are highly efficient and are put in locations where they are able to maximize the amount of wind energy they receive. The wind blows across the blades making them turn a generator that is inside the turbine. This motion then converts the energy from the wind into electricity which is then sent to batteries for storage or directly to the utility company.

When choosing a good location for a wind farm, the ultimate goal is to find a place where the wind is blowing as much as possible. Practically speaking, the best spots are in locations where the variations in the ground occur as the wind is produced as different areas heat up at rates that are different. When a surface is heated, the air will rise and colder air will rush in to replace it, creating wind. The best locations, because of this, are areas that are along a shore or in a valley that funnels wind from the shore. Most people seem to think that wind farms are only located where the wind howls over the hills and through the valleys. This is a good theory, but they tend to be built more near the shores of the countries.

There are many advantages to building an offshore wind farm that has to do with the generation and frequency of winds. First, the shore is an area that is fertile in wind generation. Besides this, the vast space of the ocean brings in winds from other more remote locations to the shore. The winds tend to be very strong. Placing wind farms actually in the ocean also helps to avoid the costs of purchasing land space.

These days, most countries have some wind farms up and running. The biggest issue they face is generating enough energy from them at a price that is low so they will become a more viable energy source.