Solar Power for the Future

I am sure by now, everyone has heard about solar energy, a renewable source that doesn’t harm the environment. Solar energy works by converting the rays from the sun into electricity with the help of solar cells.

There are three basic ways we can use this form of energy: through photovoltaic cells, passive, or active.

Nothing is converted in passive solar energy. Instead, the building is designed to avoid the loss of heat and get the most out of the light throughout the day. This technique can be used in your home, as well. Studies show that, with minimal cost, passive solar can reduce the requirements for heat as much as eighty percent. This keeps you from having to use your heating or cooling system as much and reduces the amount of electricity you use from sources that are not renewable.

Active solar energy is a way of converting the sun’s rays into heat. There are limitations to this kind of energy, though. Really all you can do with active solar energy is heat your water.

Through phtovoltaic cells, you can power your entire home or an office. I use it in my business, Solar cells are used to convert the sunlight into electricity to do this. These cells can be small, as in calculators, or large, like the ones you see over acres of land.

Solar energy is great, but it is limited. It can only generate power when the sun is out and the weather is good. If it is raining or snowing, it cannot collect and convert the energy. When this is the case, there is an auxiliary system that you can turn on until the sun becomes visible again.

Solar energy is only one kind of green energy available. Over the years, we have been tapping other green sources of energy such as biogas, hydroelectricity, geothermal energy, and wind power. All of these options are safe. If we begin using these green sources more often, we will have to depend less on the nonrenewable source of oil.

For this to happen, though, we have to encourage the law makers to stand behind these renewable resources. And we’re not talking about through speeches and such, but through action. Once we get the law makers to care more about the environment, things will begin changing more for the better.